Make your own organic fertilizer at home

When home-made organic fertilizer, organic waste composting is essential.

Composting is an effective and economical method of disposal of livestock waste

There are three types of heap types: straight, semi-pit, and pit

Straight type

Suitable for high temperature, rain, high humidity, high water table areas. Choose a place that is dry, open, and close to water sources. Stacking widths of 2m height 1.5-2m length are managed according to the quantity of raw materials. Strengthen the soil before stacking and cover each layer of material with a layer of grass or turf to absorb the seepage juice.. Each layer is 15-24cm thick. Add the right amount of water, lime, sludge, feces, etc. between layers to reduce evaporation and ammonia volaculation. After one month of composting, drive a walking dumper to turn the compost over and regularly turn over the pile until the material finally decomposes. The right amount of water is required depending on the humidity or dryness of the soil. The composting rate varies with the seasons, usually 3-4 months in summer 2 months and 3-4 months in winter. .

Half pit type

It is often used in early spring and winter. Choose a low-lying spot to dig a 2-3-foot deep hole 5-6 feet long and 8-12 feet long. Cross vents should be set up on the bottom and walls of the pit. Add 1000 kg of dry straw to the top of the compost and seal it with soil. After a week of composting, the temperature rises. Using a slotted dumper, turn the fermentation reactor evenly over for 5-7 days after cooling, and continue composting until the raw material is completely decomposed.

Pit type

Generally 2 meters deep, also known as underground type. The stacking method is similar to the half-pit method. Use a double helix dumper during decomposition to make the material more in contact with the air.

High temperature anaerobic composting.

High-temperature composting is a major harmless way to dispose of organic waste, especially human waste. Harmful substances such as bacteria, eggs and grass seeds in straw and excreta are killed after high temperature treatment. High temperature anaerobic composting is 2 ways, flat heap type and semi-pit type. The technique of composting is the same as that of ordinary compost. However, in order to speed up the decomposition of straw, high temperature compost should add high temperature cellulose decomposition bacteria, and set up heating equipment. Antifreeze measures should be taken in cold areas. High-temperature composting passes through several stages: heat-high-cooling-decomposition. Harmful substances will be destroyed at high temperatures. It would be nice if you had a special cement or tile composting area.

Main ingredient: nitrogen.

Sub-components: phosphorus, potassium, iron.

Mainly used in nitrogen fertilizer, low concentration, not easy to cause damage to the root system. It is not suitable for heavy use during the flowering results period. Because flowers and fruits need a lot of phosphorus, potassium, sulfur.

Raw materials for homemade organic fertilizer.

We recommend choosing the following categories as raw materials for homemade organic fertilizer.

1. Plant raw materials

Withering things

In many big cities in the United States, the government pays for workers who collect deciduous leaves. When compost matures, it is sold to farmers at low prices. Unless it is in the tropics, it is best to make each layer of deciduous leaves less than 5-10 cm thick, layered deciduous leaves on the ground cover thickness of more than 40 cm. The interval between the different layers of deciduous leaves needs to be covered with multens such as soil, which can~takeat least 6 to 12 months to decay. Keep the soil moist, but do not over-water it to prevent soil nutrient loss.


If rotting fruits, seeds, peels, flowers, etc. are used, decay may take a little longer. Phosphorus, potassium and sulfur are higher.

Bean cake, bean curd, etc

Depending on the degreasing condition, composting takes at least 3 to 6 months to ripen. The best way to accelerate maturing is to add germs. One of the criteria for composting is that there is no odor at all. Its phosphorus, potassium and sulfur content is higher than that of wither compost, but lower than that of fruit compost. Compost is made directly from soy or soy products. Soybeans take longer to compost because of their high fat content. For friends who make organic fat, it may still smell a year or years from now. Therefore, we recommend that the soybeans be thoroughly cooked, charred, and then soaked. It can greatly reduce impregnation time.

2. Animal excreta

The feces of herbivores such as sheep and cattle are suitable for fermentation and production of bio-organic fertilizer. In addition, chicken manure and pigeon dung phosphorus content is high, is also a good choice.

Note: Animal excreta that is managed and recycled at a standard plant can be used as a raw material for organic fertilizer. However, due to the lack of advanced processing equipment in the home, we do not advocate the use of human excreta as raw materials to make organic fertilizer.

3. Natural Organic Fertilizers ' Nutritional Soils

Pond sludge

Sexuality: Breedable, but high viscosity. Should be used as base fertilizer, not alone.

Pine needle root

When the deciduous thickness is greater than 10-20cm, the pine needle can be used as a raw material for organic fertilizer. However, you cannot use the .

Trees with lower resin content, such as falling feather fir, have a better effect.


Fertilizer is more effective. However, it cannot be used directly and can be mixed with other organic materials.

The reason why organic matter should be completely decomposed.

The decomposition of organic matter leads to two main changes through microbial activity: the decomposition of organic matter increases the effective nutrients of fertilizer. On the other hand, the organic matter of raw materials is softened from hard to soft, and the texture is changed from uneven to uniform. In the process of composting, it kills weed seeds, bacteria, and most eggs. Therefore, it is more in line with the requirements of agricultural production.

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