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Manufacturer of organic fertilizer turners, develops and produces large, medium and small fermentation turners, wheel turners, hydraulic turners, crawler turners, and turners of good quality, complete equipment, and reasonable prices. Welcome Free consultation. Fertilizer Ball Granulating Machine, Fertilizer Rotary Cooler, Animal Manure Pellet Granulator, Vibratory Screening Separator,Roll Compactor Dry Granulator. Common treatments are organic composting, such as manure compost, vermicompost. All can be directly disintegrated, no need to pick and remove, the precise and high-efficiency disintegration equipment can disintegrate organic hard materials into slurry without adding water during the treatment process. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,South Korea, Sheffield,Thailand, Washington.Fertilizer granulator is the most important equipment for making granular organic fertilizers. There are multiple types of granulators. Customers can choose according to the actual composting raw materials, sites and products: disc granulator, drum granulator, extrusion granulator machine etc.

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