Accessory Equipmen

  • Organic Fertilizer Round Polishing Machine

    Organic Fertilizer Round Polishing Machine

    Organic Fertilizer Round Polishing Machine is used for shaping process of various organic fertilizer and bio-organic fertilizer after granulating.  It can be freely matched with new organic fertilizer granulator, flat die press granulator and ring die granulator.  This shap ing machine can be chosen two or three level discs.  After the granules are polished, the round and smooth granular finished product is discharged from the output.  

  • Inclined Sieving Solid-liquid Separator

    Inclined Sieving Solid-liquid Separator

    The Inclined Sieving Solid-liquid Separator mainly treats waste with water content of more than 90%, it is a new kind of high quality equipment mainly used for filtering manure such as pig, cow, chicken, sheep and all kinds of large and medium-sized livestock. It also can be used in the dehydration of large amount of water content, such as bean curd residue, and the large water content of the wine trough. 

  • Loading & Feeding Machine

    Loading & Feeding Machine

    The Loading & Feeding Machine is used as the raw material hopper during materials processing and it is suitable for forklift truck loading materials. The uniform and continuous discharge not only saving labor cost, but also improving work efficiency.

  • Static Fertilizer Batching Machine

    Static Fertilizer Batching Machine

    The Multiple Hoppers Single Weigh Static Organic & Compound Fertilizer Batching Machine is mainly suitable for mixing, batching and feeding of 3-8 kinds of materials. The system is automatically controlled by a computer scale. The pneumatic valve is used to control the material supply in the main bin. The material is mixed in the mixing bin and sent automatically by the belt conveyor. 

  • Vertical Disc Mixing Feeder Machine

    Vertical Disc Mixing Feeder Machine

    The Vertical Disc Mixing Feeder Machine is used to evenly feeding the raw materials to more than two equipment in the fertilizer production process. It has the characteristics of compact structure, uniform feeding and beautiful appearance. There are more than two discharge ports at the bottom of the disc, which makes the unloading quite convenient.

  • Screw Extrusion Solid-liquid Separator

    Screw Extrusion Solid-liquid Separator

    The Screw Extrusion Solid-liquid Separator is widely used to dewater from the waste materials, such as animal manure, food residue, sludge, biogas residue liquid etc. Chicken, cow, horse and all kinds of intensive farms for animal feces, distillers, dregs, starch dregs, sauce dregs, slaughtering plant and other high concentration of organic sewage separation.

    This machine can not only solve the problems that manure pollutes the environment, but also can produce high economic benefit.

  • Automatic Dynamic Fertilizer Batching Machine

    Automatic Dynamic Fertilizer Batching Machine

    The Automatic Dynamic Fertilizer Batching Equipment generally adopts the electronic scale as the metering equipment. The main engine is equipped with PID adjustable device and alarm function. Each single hopper is automatically controlled separately.   

  • Double Hopper Quantitative Packaging Machine

    Double Hopper Quantitative Packaging Machine

    Double Hopper Quantitative Packaging Machine is applied to automatic quantitative packaging in fertilizer manufacturing. The independent weighing system with high weighing accuracy and fast speed by using Toledo weighing sensor, the whole weighing process is automatically controlled by the computer.

  • Automatic Packaging Machine

    Automatic Packaging Machine

    With its “fast, accurate, stable”, the automatic packaging machine has wide quantitative range and high precision, match with the lifting conveyor and sewing machine to complete the last process in production line of commercial organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.