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The Hydraulic Organic Waste Composting Turner Machine used for fermentation of organic waste such as livestock and poultry manure, sludge waste, sugar plant filter mud, dregs cake meal and straw sawdust. This equipment adopts the popular groove type continuous aerobic fermentation technology, made the organic waste quickly dehydrated, sterilized, deodorized, realize the purpose of harmlessness, waste recycling and reduction of processing, low energy consumption and stable product quality. 

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What is the Hydraulic Organic Waste Composting Turner Machine?

The Hydraulic Organic Waste Composting Turner Machine absorbs the advantages of advanced production technology at home and abroad. It makes full use of the research results of high-tech biotechnology. The equipment integrates mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated control technology. While ventilating and oxygenating the composting materials, it can also accurately control the temperature and humidity of the composting materials so as to make the composting materials rapidly mature, which can basically meet the requirements of large-scale composting production of organic fertilizer.

Hydraulic Lifting Composting Turner Features

1) Suitable for the turning and fermentation of organic waste, such as, sludge waste, sugar mill filter mud, bad slag cake and straw sawdust.

2) Widely used in the fermentation composting and removal of moisture operations of organic fertilizer, fertilizer, sludge dumps, horticulture course and Mushroom cultivation factory.

3) It can be used with solar fermentation, fermentation tank and mobile machine, etc. And mobile machine can realize more slot machine used in function.

4) Fermented and its supporting material can also be a continuous bulk discharge.

5) efficiency, smooth operation, strong and durable, even turning throw.

6) Centralized control cabinet, can achieve the manual or automatic control function

7) Equipped with soft starter, start-up impact load is low

8) Equipped with a stir tooth hydraulic lifting system.

9) Limit travel switch, play the role of safe and limit.

Hydraulic Lifting Composting Turner Working Principle

The main shaft of the Hydraulic Lifting Composting Turner adopts a long knife bar with a left and right spiral and a small shaft diameter, so that the machine can evenly turn the material, has good gas permeability, high breaking rate and low resistance. The transmission part adopts a large pitch chain drive, which makes the power efficiency high, the noise is low, the operation is stable, and the slip is not slippery. The shape is fully sealed, safe and reliable. The appliance is fully controlled with one box, making it easy and safe to operate.

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