Organic Fertilizer Round Polishing Machine

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Organic Fertilizer Round Polishing Machine is used for shaping process of various organic fertilizer and bio-organic fertilizer after granulating.  It can be freely matched with new organic fertilizer granulator, flat die press granulator and ring die granulator.  This shap ing machine can be chosen two or three level discs.  After the granules are polished, the round and smooth granular finished product is discharged from the output.  

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What is the Organic Fertilizer Round Polishing Machine?

Original organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer granules have different shapes and sizes. In order to make the fertilizer granules look beautiful, our company has developed organic fertilizer polishing machine, compound fertilizer polishing machine and so on.

The organic fertilizer polishing machine is a circular polishing device based on organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer granulator. It makes the cylindrical particles roll to ball, and has no return material, high ball shaping rate, good strength, beautiful appearance and strong practicability. It is an ideal equipment for organic fertilizer (biology) to make spherical particles. 

Application of Organic Fertilizer Round Polishing Machine

1.The bio-organic granulation fertilizer which makes peat, lignite, organic fertilizer sludge, straw as raw material
2.Organic granulation fertilizer which makes chicken manure as raw material
3.Cake fertilizer which makes soy-bean cake as raw material
4.Mixed feed which makes corn, beans, grass meal as raw material
5.Bio-feed which makes crop straw as raw material

Advantages of Organic Fertilizer Round Polishing Machine

1. High output. It can be flexible worked with one or several granulators at the same time in the process, solving the disadvantage that a granulator must be equipped with a coating machine.
2. The machine is made up by two or more polishing cylinder orderly, the material will be out after several times polishing, the finished product has uniform size, consistent density and nice appearance, and the shaping rate is up to 95%. 
3. It has simple structure, safe and reliable. 
4. Easy operation and maintenance. 
5. Strong adaptability, it can work in various environments.
6. Low power consumption, low production cost and high economic benefits.

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