How to select a Fertilizer Drying Machine

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Before choosing a fertilizer drying machine, you need to make a preliminary analysis of your drying needs:

Ingredients for particles: What are the physical properties when they are wet or dry? What is the granularity distribution? Toxic, flammable, corrosive or abrasive?

Process requirements: What is the moisture content of the particles? Is the moisture evenly distributed inside the particles? What are the initial and final moisture content requirements for particles? What is the maximum allowable drying temperature and drying time for particles? Does the drying temperature need to be adjusted throughout the drying process?

Capacity requirements: Do materials need to be processed in batches or continuously? How much material must the fertilizer drying machine handle per hour? How long does it take to get a high-quality end product? How does the production process before and after drying affect the choice of fertilizer dryer?

Quality requirements for finished products: Will the material shrink, degrade, over-dry, or be contaminated during drying? How uniform must its final moisture content be? What should be the temperature and volume density of the final product? Does the dried material produce dust or require secondary recovery?

The actual environmental condition of the factory: How much production space is available for drying process in the factory? What is the temperature, humidity and cleanliness of the factory? What is the plant equipped with the right power resources, exhaust gas port? According to local environmental regulations, what is the amount of noise, vibration, dust and thermal energy loss allowed in the plant?

By considering these issues, some fertilizer drying machines that are not suitable for your actual production will be eliminated. For example, the physical or processing characteristics of raw materials will exclude some fertilizer drying machines, steam-type rotary drum fertilizer drying machines for high moisture content, viscous large raw materials such as mica is not a good choice. The rotary drum fertilizer drying machine transports the material while drying it by rotating and rolling, but this passive delivery does not smoothly transport the viscous material to the outlet, as the viscous material sticks to the drum wall and steam pipe, or even clots. In this case, spiral conveyors or indirect multi-disc fertilizer drying machines are a better choice, this active delivery, can quickly transfer the mica from the feed port to the discharge port.

Next consider a fertilizer drying machine that meets your actual footprint and production space. Exclude any fertilizer drying machines that are not suitable for existing production conditions or that require expensive renovation or expansion costs. Also consider the capital budget and operating costs and other factors.

If you choose a higher-performance fertilizer drying machine to optimize your existing drying process, you must consider whether other existing equipment, such as conveyors, feeders, coating machine, packaging machines, warehouses, and other equipment, can match the increased production of new fertilizer drying machines.

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As the range of fertilizer drying machine options shrinks, use existing materials and existing production environments to actually test whether the fertilizer drying machine is really suitable.

● The best drying conditions for existing materials.

● The effect of the fertilizer drying machine on the physical properties of raw materials.

● Whether the quality and characteristics of the dried material meet the requirements.

● Whether the fertilizer drying machine capacity is appropriate.

Based on these test results, the manufacturer of the fertilizer drying machine can also provide detailed recommendations to fully meet your drying needs. Of course, the installation and operation costs of the fertilizer drying machine and the subsequent maintenance requirements of the fertilizer drying machine should not be ignored.

Taking all the above details into account, you can really buy the most suitable fertilizer drying machine.

Post time: Jun-18-2021