Survey of organic fertilizer raw materials

Because of great amount chemical fertilizer being applied in a fairly long period, the organic substance content in soil reduces without the neutralization of organic fertilizer.

The main goal of organic fertilizer plant is to produce organic fertilizer that uses a variety of materials containing organic matters and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in plant growth. Before starting an organic fertilizer plant, you need to make an investigation of the local organic raw materials market. To make a survey of needed information for factory construction, e.g., the kind of raw materials, acquisition and transportation ways and shipping cost.

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The most important thing to achieve sustainable production of organic fertilizer is to ensure the continuous supply of organic raw materials. Due to the characteristics of big volume and difficulty in transportation of raw materials, it had better to establish your organic fertilizer factory in places with sufficient supply of organic materials, such as near big pig farm, chicken farm etc.

In organic fertilizer production process, there are many common organic materials, Manufacturer usually choose the most abundant organic material as the main raw materials and use other organic raw materials or moderate NPK elements as additives, for example, an organic fertilizer factory established near a farm, and there are plenty of agricultural waste every year. The manufacture would like to choose crops straw as his main raw materials, and animal manure, peat and zeolite as accessories.

In short, organic materials, containing organic matter and nutrients which is necessary to promote the growth of crops, can be used as raw materials in organic fertilizer production process. Production technology can be designed according to different raw materials.

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The Choice of Organic Fertilizer Factory                   
The location selection of organic fertilizer plant is closely related to future production costs and production management relations. You should primarily consider the following factors.
1. Organic fertilizer plant cannot be too far away from the farm. Chicken manure and pig manure are characterized by large volume, high water content and inconvenient transportation. If it is too far away from the farm, transportation cost of raw materials will increase.
2. The location from the farm cannot be too close and it is not suitable at the direction of the upper drift in the terms of farm. Otherwise, it can produce infectious diseases, even causes epidemic prevention difficult to farm.
3. It should keep away from the residential area or work area. In the process or organic fertilizer production, it will produce some malodorous gases. Therefore, it would be better to keep away from affecting people’s living.
4. It should be located in places that are flat region, hard geology, low water table and excellent ventilation. In addition, it should avoid places that prone to slides, flooding or collapse.
5. The site should be adapted to local conditions and land conservation. Make full use of idle land or wasteland and does not occupy farmland. Use the original unused space as much as possible, and then you can reduce investment.
6. The organic fertilizer plant is preferably rectangular. Factory area should be about 10,000-20,000㎡.
7. The site cannot be too far away from the power lines in order to reduce power consumption and investment in the power supply system. It should be near water supply so as to meet the water needs of production and living.

Post time: Jun-18-2021